What We Do

Give a helping hand for poor people

Drug Abuse

• Raising awareness on the dangers of drug usage.

• Creating adequate activities and programs inside Lebanese prisons for addicts.

• Legal follow up on the addicts’ cases.

• Transferring addicts from prisons to rehab facilities.

Child Protection

• Conducting and implementing awareness sessions related to child rights and protection.

• Educating children about their rights through activities (camps, sessions, plays, games, etc…)

• Providing psychological and physical support for every child and especially the abused ones.

• Preparing a legislation in favor of child protection.

Family Violence:

• GBL Awareness sessions.

• Interfering whenever there’s a violence case against women or children.

• Transferring the abuse victim to a treatment center.

• Providing physical and psychological support to the victim.

• Following up the case legally.

Livelihood & Social support:

• Food and clothes distributions for people in need.

• Field activities for children.

• Awareness sessions in schools.

• Daily ready-to-eat hot meals for hospitals and shelters.


• We provide a kindergarten program based on the child’s age.

• A three level program is available (KG1, KG2, KG3)

• Books, stationary items and hot meals provided to the beneficiaries for free.

• Interactive online sessions.

• Progress tracking of each student via video feedback.

Legal Aid

• Providing legal council and aid for violence victims, drugs, etc…

Health Sector

• Awareness sessions about public and mental health.

• Awareness campaigns about cancer, breast cancer…